Are you from another institution, agency, or organization?

Interest in the Search Advocate program has grown steadily over the last few years, especially following a September 2016 feature article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Here are several ways you can learn more about OSU's model:

1. Review this webinar

In May 2017, the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium  sponsored a webinar about OSU's Search Advocate program, which is available here: Search Advocates – Promoting Diversity and Mitigating Bias on University Search Committees

2. Watch this recording

In February, 2021, Oregon State University and Stockton University of New Jersey hosted this first National Community of Practice meeting for Search Advocacy in higher education (90 minutes).

3. Attend our workshops

Search Advocate Foundations series - We invite you to be our guest at a Search Advocate workshop series. Non-OSU participants add perspectives and experiences that enrich the workshop for everyone, so OSU reserves a limited number of spaces for attendees from other colleges and universities. Each institution may register a maximum of two participants for a particular workshop series (as long as non-OSU spaces are available). When all non-OSU spaces have been filled, a wait list may be established. Costs to participate are described below:

  • Oregon public higher education institutions - guests from Oregon public higher education institutions currently participate at no charge.
  • Other institutions, agencies, and organizations - guests from other institutions/agencies/organizations participate at no charge up to the institution's/organization's lifetime limit of two (2) free guests. Once the lifetime limit is reached, the cost is $200 per person.

Costs and limits are subject to change each fiscal/academic year.

For schedule information and registration, please see Search Advocate Workshops.

Search Advocate Update and Topics workshops – Occasionally non-OSU guests who have completed the Foundations series are interested in attending the Update or Topics workshops. If this is of interest to you, the per session cost is typically $50 for each person from outside of Oregon public higher education. The Foundations series is a prerequisite for these sessions. For schedule information and registration, please see Search Advocate Update and Topics Workshops for Non-OSU Guests.

For questions, please contact Anne Gillies, Search Advocate Program Director ( or 541-737-0865).

4. Bring the Search Advocate Program to your campus

We present the OSU Search Advocate workshop series at other colleges and universities on a contract basis several times each year.  If you are interested in this option, please attend the workshop series in Corvallis as our guest before you commit.  This ensures that you understand the program, have experienced the workshops, and can consider how you might establish and support an ongoing community of advocates at your own institution.  Should you decide to bring the workshop series to your institution, our contract office will work with your contract officer to develop a flat-rate contract that includes the presenter's travel costs (if the series will be presented on-site rather than remotely) plus a standard per-workshop fee.  Please understand that the presenter's availability to bring this workshop series to your campus is limited.