Become a Search Advocate (registration information)

The Search Advocate Foundations workshop series establishes a theoretical foundation of current research about implicit bias and diversity, information about the changing legal landscape in hiring, and an overview of inclusive employment principles. Using this foundation, you will begin to construct your own framework of practice, delve into specific issues that may arise at each stage of the search process, and explore various ways to head off or respond to those issues.  By the end of the final session, you will have a toolkit of practical strategies for each stage of the search process, and approaches to help you perform the advocate role effectively as part of a search committee.

You must complete all sessions within the Search Advocate Foundations workshop series to be eligible to serve as a Search Advocate. You may also complete the workshop series for professional development without serving as an advocate in the future.

Remain a Search Advocate (registration information)

To ensure quality and consistency with program recommendations, each advocate must complete three (3) units of continuing education every twelve (12) months. Options to do this include:

  • Search Advocate Foundations workshop series (3 credits)
  • Search Advocate half-day Update workshop (3 credits)
  • Search Advocate 2-hour Topics workshop (1 credit)
  • Search Advocate Community of Practice meeting (1 credit per meeting)

Search Advocates who have completed the foundations series will find additional information about meeting the continuing education requirement in the Search Advocate Community on Canvas.

Erica Curry
" Becoming a search advocate was the tipping point in my understanding of, and dedication to, social justice and a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and development. The search advocate program teaches me an awareness of implicit biases, structural biases, equitable hiring practices, and inclusivity in the workplace. It also gives me the tools and the language to help those around me grow in their understanding and challenge those inequities, inside and out of the search process. It empowers me to feel as though I could actually effect change within our institution and make a difference. In serving the university in a unique way, outside of my typical duties, search advocacy also allows me to network with units and folks I would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. "
-- Erica Curry, Academic Programs Manager
Extended Campus - Provost's Office

" As an openly queer/transgender woman, I have a strong interest in advocating for persons with life experience that will enhance OSU's diversity beyond traditional categories such as race or age. It's important that we embrace the value of intersecting identities in our faculty culture, as many students feel marginalized and under-represented by the personal identities that faculty choose to disclose (or not). I am also mildly bipolar and I have recently been severely disabled, so I'm sensitive to the needs and challenges experienced by people with evident and hidden disabilities. I have a wide variety of technical experience in STEM, ranging from food science to power electronics to supercomputers, and so I can bring a unique perspective to the search process. "
-- Kate Schilke, Associate Professor
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering - College of Engineering

" Tze-Yiu Yong has been a search advocate from Sept. 2017 and brings over 10 years constantly questioning and challenging ideas of inclusion, diversity and equity.  In his role managing groups of employees in corporate America he refined his skills of active listening, collaborative questioning and process rigor.  At Hewlett-Packard, he led the creation of an employee group at Hewlett-Packard focused on the diversity of age (the Young Employee Network).  These experiences contribute to his holistic approach as a Search Advocate.  At OSU, he has been in the College of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science working directly for the Department Head and currently works at the College of Science working directly for the Dean of the College.  He would be pleased to come along side you as a hiring authority or search chair to make your search process result in a successful conclusion from the point of hire thru the employee's tenure with you. "
-- Tze-Yiu Yong, Project and Events Manager
Administration - CoS - College of Science