In order to ensure quality and consistency with program recommendations, each advocate must complete 3 units of continuing education every 12 months.  The web directory is updated annually, based on an analysis of CE credit recorded between September of the previous year and the end of August of the current year.  Options to meet this requirement include:

  1. Search Advocate Workshops, Community of Practice meetings, and Update Workshop offerings
    • Complete the SA workshop series = 3 credits
    • Complete a half-day SA Update workshop = 3 credits
    • Attend one Community of Practice meeting = 1 credit
    • Attend another Search Advocate workshop or program (credits vary)
      • Serve as a panelist for one SA Workshop series = 1 credit
  2. Social Justice Education Initiative Workshop offerings
  3. Office of Institutional Diversity Diversity Education options
  4. Other OSU and related options

CE credits for Search Advocate offerings are recorded from the event rosters, so be sure to sign in if you attend!  We recommend you obtain some of your CE credit from the SA program each year in order to keep current with the program's recommended practices.  All other CE credits will be recorded when you send email to as described above.


For more information about the continuing education requirement, instructions about managing your record in the Search Advocate Directory, and information about checking your current continuing education credits, please log in to the Search Advocate Community in CANVAS and follow the instructions in Module 3.

If you are a non-OSU Search Advocate, you will continue to have access to the Canvas Search Advocate Community but you need to use a different Canvas link: 

  • If you participated as a guest in OSU's workshop series and registered as a visitor in OSU Canvas, please follow this CANVAS VISITOR LOGIN link to access the Canvas Search Advocate community you joined for the workshop series
  • If you participated in an OSU-led workshop series specifically for your institution, please follow this CANVAS FREE FOR TEACHERS login link to access the Search Advocate community you joined for the workshop series